The artwork presented here, which represents a theoretical church, is rendered in ink, color pencil, and enamel on opaque mylar.

Section, 30"x60"

Section, 30"x42"

Section, 30"x60"

Chiborium, 21"x30"

Entry detail, 30"x21"

Kneeler, 30"x21"

Elevation Detail, 30"x21"

Kneeler Plan, 30"x21"

Wall Panel Detail, 21"x21"

Plan, 42"x30"

The Church of the Poison Mind who's title derives from the pop song by the rock group "Culture Club" suggests a mind willfully aligned with and operating under the influence of a paradigm shift. For the motivating factor of this project the paradigm shift is the proposition of  a Christian goddess in the person of the Virgin Mary. This unspoken and taboo notion begs the question:  what form would the architecture take and should it take on a new form? The resulting architecture here is global in scale and re-organizes the planet into a new spatial system. The church is effectively liminal space between a sacred world and a profane one.  The church is linear and wraps around the planet akin to a new equator  The specific work here focuses attention on the Cathedral of Chartres in France, a site sacred to many pre-Christian religions. What is envisioned is a singular, new church archetype that supersedes all previous formulas.