Renovated Private Residence

Saddle River, New Jersey

Proposed Front Elevation

Proposed Left Side Elevation

Proposed Right Side Elevation

Proposed Rear Elevation

Positioned on a wooded site surrounded on three sides by public roadways this existing 7,000 square foot, brick veneered, 1 1/2 story residence was originally constructed in the late 1970's. The clients requested that the house be expanded to approximately 15,000 square feet, reflect their fondness for the French countryside, and incorporate the existing indoor swimming pool. The existing hip roof was removed and the interior of the first floor was re-organized to support the formal living arrangements that were desired. The new roof, which is a mansard structure, was to be sheathed in slate with copper detailing to evoked the French architecture that the clients were fond of. Because of the stylized geometry of a mansard roof the design was able to be expanded to incorporate the desired number of bedrooms on the new second floor and, at the same time, maintain a scale that would be indicative of countryside living.

Proposed Basement Plan

Proposed First Floor Plan

Proposed Second Floor Plan

Existing Front

Existing left Side

Existing Right Side