A residential apartment building comprised of a 6 story block and an 18 story block for a total of 159 apartments and retail shops.

Located in Jersey City the Laguna is an 18 story high rise apartment building situated on the banks of the Hudson River adjacent to the Aquablu. Working with Poskanzer Skott Architects the mid rise segment is designed to reinforce the existing street scale, and continues the massing that was established by the neighboring Aquablu. Similar to the other buildings along the street the ground floor offers retail space and a glass covered canopy to encourage pedestrian traffic. The high rise segment is turned perpendicular to Manhattan to ensure that the apartments in the tower can enjoy expansive views. The tower is clad in glass panels and the segment of the building along the street is clad in brick and masonry. Color shifts in the masonry and glass announce the Laguna's individual presence on the street.