The artwork presented here, which imagines a landscape of Post-Modern artifacts, is rendered in ink, color pencil, and enamel on opaque mylar, watercolor paper, and cream color trace paper.

Topography, 72"x72"

Mantel Section, 46"x17"

Plate 2, 24"x18"

Plate 4, 24"x18"

Plate 5, 24"x18"

Plate 6, 24"x18"

Geology is a landscape composed entirely of man made forms. Even though this type of landscape is a creation of man it retains the character of the Earth. The composition that was created here was viewed as an opportunity to cast a relationship between the natural landscape and a metaphorical one. Using a combination of Italian palazzi and post-modern artifacts the landscape became a view into man's architectural past. Ultimately any built form placed on this "landscape" would be conceptually purified since a man made structure (perhaps a house) would be only referring only to another built structure, the landscape.