The artwork presented here, which imagines new church confessional booths, is rendered in ink and graphite on vellum. 

Section at Longitude, 36"x48"

Section at Latitude, 36"x48"

Joint detail 'Father', 18"x24"

Corner detail 'Son', 18"x24"

Horn detail 'Spirit', 18"x24"

Seat of Judgement, 18"x24"

The modern confessional has become a place to merely deposit sins, as if one were going to a bank.  The meaning of confession has lost it's power and importance through its arbitrary placement in church structures. Since confession is a personal experience, the form that a confessional should take ought to be unique to the individual penitent. The confessional becomes a beacon in which one announces himself or herself to the world. The concept which generates the narrative for this new typology hinges on the relationship that one has with the Deity and how this relationship is articulated in three dimensional space. What does sacrifice mean to a person and how is the architecture informed by that emotional residue. Since this new confessional is individual, each church would have many confessionals. Now imagine a landscape filled with confessionals.