Jersey City, New Jersey

A grouping of office buildings ranging from 12 to 21 stories high with a combined area of approximately 2,100,000 square feet. 

Newport Office Center IV

Newport Office Center V

Newport Office Center VI

Entry, Newport Office Center IV

Entry, Newport Office Center v

Working with Poskanzer Skott Architects this trio of office towers was designed for the Newport district of Jersey City. Rectangular floor plans with minimum setbacks were employed here in order to ensure maximum efficiency for the individual floor plates. The facades of these buildings which are composed of metal panels and ribbons of frameless glass create taut skins which compliment the surrounding office towers.  The buildings at ground level are clad in granite with large scale archways to reinforce the established pedestrian walkway along the street. While these buildings were designed to appear as a group, variations such a glass pyramid or a large scale vertical curved glass wall, were employed in each to establish their individual identities.

Lobby, Newport Office Center IV

Lobby, Newport Office Center IV

Lobby, Newport Office Center IV