Growing up on the New Jersey Shore I can remember when the doors to the world of Architecture opened for me. I was about 7 years old and my father, a mason, showed me a set of construction drawings for a house. I asked him what it all meant. That began my journey of discovery. He taught me how to "read" the drawings. I have two other passions. One is reading, specifically world mythologies, and the other is drawing. I will get to drawing in a moment. How cultures speak to us by way of their beliefs has always fascinated me.  Mythology is a language, as is architecture. When I entered university to study architecture it became obvious to me that the two, architecture and mythology, are bound together as a singular three dimensional method of communication. During my sophomore year in college, while attending an art exhibit, I discovered the Ecole des Beaux Arts and its drawings . The rigor and beauty of the drawings was intoxicating. Now armed with architecture, mythology and drawing I felt that I could speak to the world.

My career began in New York Cityand then continued in Princeton, New Jersey. I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to design apartments, to be a part of restoration projects, and to participate in the design of hospitals. I am presently working at Poskanzer Skott Architects in northern New Jersey, where I have designed projects ranging in scale from houses to high rise buildings.

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