Private Residence - UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Allendale, New Jersey

East Elevation

West Elevation

A young family came to Poskanzer Skott Architects after their home was ravaged by fire with a challenging directive. For the designer the challenge was unique. This particular house was designed by Poskanzer Skott Architects 35 years ago. Working with Poskanzer Skott Architects the designer set a new course for this family home with fresh ideas and new eyes to re-think and re-imagine the original design. The new home was not just to be a mere copy of the original. It was to be updated and reflect the contemporary life style the clients espoused, while still respecting the cubist language of the original design.

North Elevation

Generous amounts of floor to ceiling glass allow for the natural surroundings to be drawn into the interior of the house. The glass also underscores the abstract impression of solid versus void spaces in the geometry of the composition. The second floor bedrooms are rendered as cubes with punched windows suspended over a gossamer-like black grid. The exterior of the house was rendered in white clapboard siding to draw one’s attention to the black window frames.

South Elevation

The walls of glass are strategically located along the front and rear elevations of the house and are employed as the organizing device for the plan. The main circulation spine of the architecture is defined by a curved glass wall and punctuated at the end with another soaring wall of glass. All of the living spaces flow from that circulation spine and are moved towards the rear of the house to take advantage of the views.

View of the Master Bedroom Balcony

View looking towards the Formal Entrance

View looking towards the Family Entrance

View looking from the Pool Patio